Warm weather is officially here. Last Saturday morning, I took a fantastic 7-mile hike through the Greenbelt outside Austin, Texas, with a hiking group of around 15 people.

I brought my Deuter Speed Lite 32L pack on the three-hour hike. Of course, the backpack is bigger than what I needed for a half-day hike, but I wanted to put my Cool-Dry Frame to the test with a large pack.

The weather was moderately warm, but the humidity would be high. The perfect recipe for sweat! If you are going to hike in Texas, you better be ready for the humidity.

I strapped my Cool-Dry Frame onto my backpack, and the Sweat Check began.

Part 1 of 4: Weather Check

We started at 8 AM, just after sunrise. The weather started in the 60s and reached the mid-70s by midday.

I was wearing just a t-shirt.

The humidity of 79% was the primary factor in this hike. At certain times, when I was going up hills, my body temperate quickly increased, and the humidity started to kick in. I was feeling the moist air around me.

Full Weather Report: Wunderground.com

Part 2 of 4: Trail Check

Most Saturday mornings, I meet up with my hiking group to explore different parts of the Greenbelt just outside of Austin. There is plenty of variety in this wilderness park.

We kept a pace of over 22 minutes per mile while going up a few hills. Our trail leaders don't like to take breaks or let up!

I would say that some of the hills do get pretty steep. You can slip on the loose rocks, so watch out.

You can review the trail path here.

Part 3 of 4: Sweat Check

As I mentioned previously, the humidity was the factor on this hike. As I went up the hills with my 32L Deuter pack, I began sweating, as you can see from the photos.

However, when we were back on flat ground, I could feel the cool breeze hit my back thanks to the Cool-Dry Frame. I was able to lower my body temperature, and the moisture from the back of my shirt did disappear.

We didn't stop very much, so I was thankful that the Cool-Dry Frame allowed my body to cool down as I walked. Otherwise, my back would have been soaked, as I could see was the case for some of my fellow hikers.

To check out more images of my hike, visit my Instagram account @vauclusegear.

Part 4 of 4: The Verdict


The Cool-Dry Frame helped me stay cooler and dryer during the hike. I cannot imagine how soaked my shirt would have been after 3 hours of continuous hiking.

The front of my shirt was soaked; however, my back was not.

I could feel the cool breeze hit my back during the stretches of flat trails. I was able to moderate my breathing, drink water, and lower my body temperature.

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