Increase Ventilation of Duluth Backpack

Gaming. Shooting. Bushcrafting. YouTube influencer ProCaliberHQ does it all, and in this video, he goes all-in, bushcraft-cooking a New York strip steak that he carried into the mountains in a backpack supported underneath by (what else?) one of our Cool-Dry Air Flow Frames.

Click below to watch the review of the Cool-Dry Frame and how it increased the ventilation of his backpack.

Transcript - Ventilated Backpack Solution

"This pack is not nearly as full as it looks. I put an ENO Vulcan UnderQuilt inside to fill up space. I went with a Duluth backpack instead of my Haversack because I am still trying to ‘put some mileage’ on this Vaucluse Backpack Frame, which allows airflow under my back and makes a world of difference when you’re hiking, even here in the winter

Because all I’ve got on is a wicking t-shirt and some flannel, and then this Baerskin Hoodie, and when I stop I can feel the breeze wicking the moisture away. It’s really nice.

Plus (I don’t know if you can see it) this backpack doesn’t have an internal or external frame. It’s just a big ‘sack’ on my back with straps, and while the bag is super nice, this frame offers additional structure so it’s supportive against your back.

So I really dig it.

This mountain is about as rocky as you can get. I'm hoping we can get lucky, because this area right here doesn't look that rocky on the surface, and I’m just looking for a place to dig a fire hole, and use this Kuvik titanium grill. Amidst all these downed trees, I can think of a million bushcraft opportunities

This is perfect."

Watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here.

More about the Vaucluse Cool-Dry Backpack Ventilation Frame:

The Cool-Dry Frame is an attachable backpack ventilation frame that fits directly on your favorite backpack. Call it the no-sweat backpack frame. This backpack spacer attaches in seconds to your favorite backpack (framed or frameless) to upgrade airflow, reduce back heat, and increase comfort.

The ventilated gap between you and your backpack is a uniform 0.75" (19 mm).

Sweat less on your next backpacking experience and enjoy the adventure more.


The Cool-Dry Backpack Ventilation Frame

It's your best way to ventilate your back. Stay cool and dry with a backpack.

This ultra-lightweight, soft, durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack. It creates a natural airflow between you and the pack without using mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow and ventilation to keep your back cool and dry.

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