Read the every-growing number of 5-star reviews from customers. It's clear that Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear is improving the outdoor experience for backpackers.

"This ventilation frame works. 23 mile hike in the White Mountains of NH, including the Bonds and Zealand. Just under 12 hours elapsed time. Temps upper 20’s to low 30’s.

I hike every week, all year, in all temps and conditions. A sweaty back can be a real problem in cold, winter weather. My back would always get sweaty, then freeze when I stopped to take my pack off to make a gear change, eat, etc. Having used this frame now for a few weeks, I have not had a sweaty back. Plain and simple… it works."

- Jim, Savage Gear Jackpot 40L, New Hampshire

Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear has been listed as one of the hottest new gear items of 2024 by GearJunkie website. Our team has put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to design a product that meets and exceeds the expectations of backpackers and hikers alike.

Whether you're hiking through the mountains or exploring the wilderness, our gear will keep you cool, comfortable, and ready for anything.

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"Meet the Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Ventilation Frame! A comfortable solution to an uncomfortable problem! Install it on your pack’s shoulder straps and feel the airflow to your back. Backpacking is innately a sweaty endeavor, but this frame can make things a bit easier for you."

-, @garagegrowngear

"Though I found the frame comfortable and I feel like it kept my back reasonably dry, I'm not sure that I'm going to be using it on a regular basis. But back sweat isn't a major pain point for me. If it is for you then I think the frame is worth a try."

- Steve from @MyOutdoorLife, Durston Kakwa 55L, Olympic coast in Washington State

"My back remained cool throughout, and I didn't experience any sensation of heat, moisture, or sweating like I do when wearing a frameless pack. I didn't experience any post-sweat chill when taking off the backpack. While taking breaks, I did feel the chill of the wind, but I didn't experience any post-sweat chill today. There is a slight sensation of something being there.

If I were to carry it for a long period during an overnight hike, there might be some discomfort on my back. For day hikes in hot weather, I feel it is fine to use it actively. With backpacks like the LifeAF or Zpacks Nero, which have bungee cord attachments on the back, this frame can be securely fastened, so it feels like a good match."

- Mountain Goat Hikes YouTube channel, LiteAF 20L Curve, Kasugai Three Peaks, Japan

"Love the unit so far. I'd love to beta test a longer length if you ever make one. I feel like I need one more row of grid at the bottom to keep my ass off the bottom of the pack. You may have done this research and found a reason why the unit can't sit on the hip.

I knew purchasing that my Hyperlite was going to be out of the recommended size range, but I'm desperate, and your solution beats buying a Zpacks ArcHaul."

- Joe D, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Junction 55L, Florida

"Added the ventilation frame onto my Camelbak Octane 18L.

The frame made for a more comfortable hike by decreasing the drying from exertion."

- Robert, Camelbak Octane 18L, Oklahoma, Trail review on Relive

"I attached the ventilation frame on my Durston Kakwa 40L on a 44 day, 30+ miles in Escalante, Utah.

The air flow was great, minimum back sweat only where the plastic touched. Regarding comfort - the first 2 days my shoulder blades were kind of sore from where the frame but the last 2 days I had no issue with soreness."

- Jayson, Durston Kakwa 40L, Utah

"I hiked Kepler, Milford, and Routeburn Tracks in NZ covering 85 miles at 30 min miles, hiking 4-6 hrs per day in cool weather from rainy in full rain gear to cool but humid conditions.

The ventilation frame performed superlatively. It was comfortable, at times completely unnoticeable, while keeping my back much cooler. If it didn't rain, the backpack was completely dry. My shirt was as significantly drier than without the frame. Essentially, the only sweat lines I had were where the hexagonal portions touched my back. Basically, I was as dry as I could possibly be considering I was sweating from effort, and not from my backpack sitting on my back."

- Sang, Hyperlite Southwest 3400, California

"I attached the Vaucluse Gear Ultralight Ventilation Backpack Frame on a Gossamer Mariposa 60L. Hiking Big Cypress North on Florida Scenic Trail. 23 miles day 1. 8 miles day 2. Almost no elevation (it's Florida!). 23 hours in 8 hours moving. I burned 3400 per Garmin. The weather was humid, 85, and sunny for the first day. The second day was rainy.

The airflow on day one was AMAZING! While I was still hot, I could feel the breeze on my back, and it was HEAVEN! An absolute dream to not have a hot, thick pack sitting on my back.

My friend hiking with me had heard of them and was quite taken by how great this was. My pack and shirt were both marginally wet. But mostly just from where my hips/butt touched the bottom of the pack. I wore a tank top all day and had no discomfort hiking all day. While I could feel the plastic, it was not irritating at all. I had zero hot spots or chafing from it."

- Amber, Gossamer Mariposa 60L, Florida, @liveliftrun

"My background is camping and hiking, Search and Rescue, Rope Rescue, EMR (wilderness first responder and medical gear), and hunting. I have three decades of experience with cheap, expensive, and too much and too little gear on my back.

First, the frame breathes! Not just seeps or wicks, but this BREATHES like a menthol rub across my back with the slightest breeze or movement, so this will now allow a backpack or at least a hydration pack on windless summer hikes in the Phoenix Valley. We hike even above 110 degrees. The heat and moisture ventilation means you can stay in long sleeves and regulate body temperature better while protecting yourself from the sun and the elements. It removes any compromise that would jeopardize health and safety.

Second, the frame gives structure to frameless packs. It adds enough structure to make a good "car bag" great for several miles. I'm eager to see what my heavy, sausage-shaped car bag can do on a hike over four miles and will report back after.

Third, the frame distributes weight! I feared it would cantilever the load and pull my center of gravity back. Sure, I can't deny physics, but so does an expensive pack's attempt at foam and mesh with only a fraction of the benefit this sturdy breeze tunnel creates. I was waiting for it, even expecting it, but I didn't experience a sense of the load being over-leveraged. The frame distributes more evenly side to side and up and down.

Overall, I'll be buying more frames for family and friends. I cannot wait to try it on cold camp hikes and on Phoenix Valley summer trips."

- Jeremy, Norfuma Tactical Rack Bag 36L, Cave Creek, AZ

"I own a total of 4 of these ventilation frames. Two original (Gen 1) and two Generation 2 (in photo). If you want excellent ventilation without buying a new pack, please check these guys out.

Wonderful company to buy from."

- Scott, Hyperlite Backpack, North Carolina

"I attached the ventilation frame to my North Face Recon (30L). My back was dry. I started with three layers: synthetic shirt, fleece jacket, and puffy. With all three layers on, I didn't notice the frame at all (very comfortable). With just two layers (shirt and fleece), I did notice the frame a little, and every once in a while, it felt a little pressure on the mid-right side of my back, but then it would go away. My pack was fairly light, probably around 10 lbs total. I imagine without the fleece I would feel the frame more with just a synthetic shirt on. I will try this when it warms up a bit."

Note: Vaucluse Gear has released a mesh sleeve that goes over the frame in response to customers' requests for additional comfort.

- Jake, North Face Recon (30L), California

"This is the real deal. The frame added comfort to my ruck and kept me cooler during the hike. The light weight and innovative design helped displace the weight of my ruck, which kept me dry on the hike. Great work and excited to see what is to come."

- Rick J, Coyote Military Ruck, Phoenix, Arizona

"We hike 3-10 miles in the mountains. and mountain bike. both generating a lot of sweat so again, the frame is a dream. The airflow was awesome. Feeling an actual breeze between myself and my little dog is great. Shoot, did i mention that’s what my two backpacks are for? Carrying my 10lb dachshund on my back. So, before this, my back would be so sweaty. I hated it. But after our first 6ish mile hike with this, minimal sweat, and only a few of the touch points where the spots of the frame touched my back."

Note: We are soon releasing a mesh sleeve to provide additional comfort to those who want more. Please check our product catalog for more information.

- Rikki, K9 Sport Sack, Georgia @rikkidiculous

"I hiked Tom’s Thumb in Scottsdale, Arizona. 4.5 miles. 1200 elevation gain. I wore a small hydration pack.

Airflow was nice, my shirt was wet afterwards but not my backpack so ultimately it made a difference. I could feel the breeze on my back. It was pretty comfortable, I only felt it a bit at the pointy bottom of my shoulder blade. I did get some questions from other hikers that were curious. They loved the idea of this!"

- Suria, Hydration Pack by Mubasel Gear, Arizona

"I installed the ventilation frame on my Osprey Kamber 32. Uphill skiing, resort laps, first test run. 1 mile skin up. Thirty minutes for each uphill skin lap. Total time: 2.45 hours.

The pack was dry, and the back was dry. I use a NorthFace steep series full-zip hoodies for my base layer. I did not feel the frame was uncomfortable, but I am concerned that it will wear on my expensive base layer garments, as they’re approaching $200."

Note: We are soon releasing a mesh sleeve to provide additional protection to those who want more. Please check our product catalog for more information."

- Keith, Osprey Kamber 32L, New Hampshire

"My backpack was dry and the breeze on my back was great.

I was still sweaty but I am always sweating when I hike. And it was comfortable."

- Eli, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Windrider 55L, Mohican State Park, Ohio

"Wore the Ventilation Frame on my Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 for Appalachian Trail Section Hiking.

Loved it. Didn’t even know it was there and provided good ventilation. I had some friends that got some too. They were wearing theirs too low and didn’t like it. They moved it up on their pack and it worked great for them."

- Kyle, Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L, Alabama

"I wore the ventilation frame on my 60L BASE Jumping stash bag. Hiking up a cliff to base jump. I’ve gotten a couple shorter hikes. It worked well for the upper back, but the backpack was too long and by my waist the backpack collected a lot of sweat.

A longer frame would be nice, and if you're interested in the BASE jumping market, a way to disassemble it that makes it flat."

- Tarik, 60 L BASE Jumping Stash Bag, Nevada

"I attached the frame on my SWD Movement 35L backpack. Backpacking, 20 mile round trip, cool/cold weather, 4,354 ft gain. Worked great, almost dry shirt and pack. Other packers had wet backs. Plenty comfortable, hardly noticed the frame.

I trimmed the length to fit an existing sleeve which may not benefit many customers, but I could imagine a reduction in thickness might be desirable."

- Nick, SWD Movement 35L, Central California

"I installed the Vaucluse Ventilation Frame on my Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 liter. I went backpacking on the Sheltowee Trace (Kentucky), 32 miles, over three days. The weather was cool and cloudy, with temperatures in the upper fifties.

I sweat quite a bit, but my shirt was not as bad as usual. I think the air flow was way better. My pack stayed dry, and my sit pad, which is on the back of the pack, was dry, which is a big improvement for me. I was worried that the frame might rub, but no."

- Susan, Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 liter, Kentucky

"I wear a Mardingtop 50L Internal Frame. I am here in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, near Aztec. Beautiful High-Desert Country with an elevation of approximately 5,800 ft. I used the Vaucluse Gear ventilation frame hiking around the canyons on a good 7-mile stretch up and down, and through canyons and sandwashes. I like to spend as much time as possible exploring and rock-hounding, so I take longer than if you were just moshing through to get to point A to point B. I spent approx 5 hours out and about with my backpack on at all times except for kickback sessions. The weather was considerably warm in the upper 60's.

The ventilation frame fits well on my pack. I usually start off wearing a jacket and there were no issues at all. My jacket and back stayed dry, compared to times when I didn't have the ventilation frame. I couldn't even tell it was there, and I had no issues with comfort."

- David, Mardingtop 50L Internal Frame, New Mexico

"I have only had 2 hikes with the frame. The first was about 7 miles, 2000 ft elevation change, 50 degree-ish temps in the Shenandoah National Park. The second was 10 miles, 2000 ft elevation change, 30-degree temps also in the SNP.

During my 50-degree hike, I was pleased that my back was dry throughout. Normally even at 50 degree, my back would have been soaked and then I would get cold when I took my pack off. I could feel the frame on my shoulder blades through a single layer t-shirt. I would not say it was uncomfortable, just an awareness.

On the colder hike, I had multiple layers and did not feel the frame at all. No sweating at all anywhere that day. I look forward to testing the frame on a warmer day with a single layer to see if there are any hot spots."

- Kathryn, ULA Ohm 2, small torso, Virginia

"I added the frame to my Hyperlite Mountain Gear Daybreak 17 on two hikes, 5-6 miles each, around 1,500 ft. elevation gain at 10,000 ft. Both clear weather in winter, around 30-40 degrees.

The Ventilation Frame performed quite well. Even in winter, I usually sweat quite a bit with this pack, given the pack is Dyneema construction with no built-in ventilation. With the frame, I sweat far less, and I kept my jacket on to stay warm (I usually compromise by either being somewhat cold and less sweaty or warm and having my back soaked). However, comfort was a slight concern towards the end of the hike. The distance between the pieces of the frame became noticeable as they started to dig in a bit towards the end of the hike. The frame moved around more with a lighter load (e.g., when I had my spikes/mid-layer on, so the bag wasn't as packed out, much like it is in the photo). This wasn't a huge issue; it just made me slightly less confident when maneuvering around trees, etc. Overall, I'd give it a 4/5."

- Nick, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Daybreak 17, Colorado

"I hiked Hamilton Mountain in Washington, 800' to 2400'. 6 miles. 3 hours. Sunny and suprisingly 70 degrees.

This was the first time I used the frame since I got it. Because there is no place to attach the frame on the bottom of my pack it would have to be adjusted a time or two. The airflow was nice, and my back felt cool versus covered and sweaty. My backpack was totally dry. My shirt had some slight moisture from the contact points but nothing that was a bother. A wanted expectation fulfilled."

- Ron, Teton Sport Oasis 22L, Washington

"I attached the backpack ventilation frame on my North Face Litus Women's 22L daypack. We went on a 2.4-mile hike up EJ Peak in Mesa, Arizona. The elevation gain we hiked was 775 feet. The airflow was great, but the frame was too big for my backpack. It was fairly comfortable and my shirt was dry."

- Kim, North Face Litus Women's 22L daypack, Mesa, Phoenix

"I used the ventilation frame on my Mystery Ranch 3-DAP. Right now, I’m using it for traveling and everyday applications. I’ve also been using it on daily urban walks of around 3 miles a day, with a duration of 45- 60 ish minutes, depending on the route and additional tasks, and relatively flat with some slope. I put around 15 lbs of weight (gear/water bottles/etc.). So far, so good! I’ve been wearing a midweight synthetic-filled jacket for the 40-50 degree weather.

I am a heavy sweater, so it is easy to notice the benefits of the frame. The airflow is easily noticeable while wearing a midweight, synthetic-filled (core, not arms) zip-up North Face jacket. I sweat a good deal, but using the vent frame performed well. The backpack was dry. The shirt was slightly damp, significantly less than if I hadn’t used the vent frame. The comfort was ~8.7/10.

I was pleasantly surprised about the comfort. While sitting on a granite block, back arched, I checked how the vent frame felt in rest mode. I noticed some MINOR discomfort- I would roll my back to see how the frame put pressure on me. They weren’t natural movements, just me rolling my shoulders and moving my back, and after a time, the discomfort lessened. And there probably wouldn’t be the same MINOR discomfort for someone with more defined back muscles. And for someone who had more fat on their back, the same. During normal walking, it was comfortable."

- Oliver, Mystery Ranch 3-DAP, New York

"I used the ventilation frame on an Osprey Daylight. Hiking between 5-9 miles on medium to rugged terrain in the northeast US. In the fall and winter, mild rain, snow, clear skies, and wind.

The airflow on my back with the Daylight is superb! My jacket/shirt stays dry, no sweaty back. My Daylight stayed dry, too (on the back). I only carry about 5-7 lbs in the day pack. The frame is very comfortable. I don't really notice it's there except that I can feel lots of airflow and breeze on my back.

As a ventilation system, it's great. However, what I need help with is that the top hooks that go around my backpack straps and snap into the frame come undone (note: We now provide reusable zip ties, which have solved this issue). I look forward to trying it out in the spring and summer!"

- Suu, Osprey Osprey Daylight, Massachusetts

"I attached the ventilation frame on my MVP Disc Sports Shuttle Backpack. Disc Golf involves hiking between baskets and sometimes tricky terrain. The bag must come off and on again a bunch for throwing.

I used zips and a couple extra to add the mini decorative paddle down the center for kick stand action."

- Jeremiah, MVP Disc Sports Shuttle Backpack, Pennsylvania

"We hiked halfway to 2 bit peak from 40th Street (Phoenix). An hour in and out. It's a good climb. My guess is 400 ft elevation with 2 miles. It was a nice weather.

I liked it. I felt a coolness on my back I don't usually feel. I was impressed I thought it would be uncomfortable but it did not bother me and functioned as described."

- Chuck, 30L Every Day Carry with about a 20lbs load, Arizona

"I have done several short (3 miles) winter hikes in western Massachusetts. Slightly hilly with some ice and snow.

I like the frame it’s comfortable and I feel like there was less perspiration on my back. I am curious about how much less I perspire in warmer temperatures."

- Jack, Kelty Redwing 65 L, Massachusetts

"I equipped my Dandee Standard Pack (27L internal - 35L total) with the ventilation frame. Took it on a 12 mile shakedown loop and urban cycling.

Felt great! Needed a bit more weight than an overnight to really test it but it was durable enough for a first trip!

I love how it snaps together. Allowing it to be attached through the sit pad pad line. I flet bad cutting the top shoulder attachments off, maybe offer a version without them."

- Jordan, Dandee Standard Pack 27L, Illinois

"I added the ventilation frame to my GoRuck 21L. I used daily it for seven days hiking through trails and neighborhoods in/around Cincinnati, OH with my dog. Weather was icy/wet/dry and ranged from below freezing to mid-50s. Four-miles-per-hour pace, and for times ranging from 45 minutes (three miles) to 3 hours (12 miles), with weights ranging from 25-45lbs (depending on the day).

The ventilation was great! My back didn't get nearly as sweaty or soaked as it normally would. I still had some sweat, but it wasn't soaking through however many layers I was wearing. It generally stayed to my skin and first layer.

I can definitely see using the frame with a light day pack, but I do not recommend using it again for anything above 15lbs."

Note: Vaucluse Gear is releasing a mesh sleeve that goes over the frame in response to customers' requests for additional comfort.

- Joe, GoRuck 21L, Ohio

"We hiked 5 miles near Lexington, Kentucky over 2 hours in 60 degree weather.

Although the temp was not bad, I could tell a big difference in the amount of air flow. Our packs usually sit directly on our backs. We had pit sweating but none on our backs. They felt great."

- Lonnie, Osprey Raptor and Osprey Raven, Kentucky

"I added the ventilation frame to my Zomake 40L which I use for light hiking.

The airflow was great, I appreciated having a sturdy base so items were not poking into my back and that my hair did not get caught in it."

- Kristy, Zomake 40L, Pennsylvania

"I just got a Bearvault 425 (bear canister). The smallest one. I eat keto and intermittent fast, so i hope to be able to hike long distances with less food. I wasn’t sure if a Bearvault would work in my Cutaway. It fits, but was uncomfortable — until I attached the Vaucluse! This is a huge selling point for your frame and you should advertise it that way for PCT hikers and anybody needing a bear canister. I was worried I’d have to swap out my cutaway for my zpack’s arc haul. I love the cutaway and lack of hip belt. The only worry I’ve had for the entire PCT has been the bear canister sections—and now I’m golden.

Airflow is great but I wish the frame were 1-2 inches shorter for my 16 inch pack backside. The Nashville has an underneath pocket so it’s important the frame not get in the way. It works as is but would be better if shorter."

- Rick, Nashville Cutaway 30L Ultralight Backpack 16 inch, New York

"I hike 4-7 miles five times a week. PNW bush terrain in all kinds of weather.

Zero issues. Back stays dry now, barely feel the frame on back."

- Ross, Military Level III Assault Pack, Oregon

"I’ve gotten a couple shorter hikes. Northfield Mountain (MA) 4 miles, 699ft elevation, 2 hours in rainy conditions. Mount Monadnock (NH). 3 miles, 1,453 ft elevation in 3 hours. Cloudy, windy upper 20s.

The frame was quite comfortable for the duration of both hikes. I could definitely feel air flow on my upper back. My shirt and backpack were slightly damp but not drenched as usual!"

- Nicky, REI traverse 60L, Massachusetts

"I’ve tried it for about 12 hours of hiking now with about a 10 lb pack. I originally bought this to use with a Zpacks Nero to help with back sweat. Since then I’ve also tried it with a Gossamer Gear Fast Kumo with amazing results.

My first impression after 5 minutes on the Nero was that the frame is fairly narrow and it feels a bit strange on my back. After 4 hours I barely even noticed it. My conclusion with the Nero is that it works okay but it adds a couple ounces and I would probably be better off with a Zpacks Arc Haul since it already has great ventilation.

Then I tried it on a Gossamer Gear Fast Kumo. The Fast Kumo is already a narrow pack. After cutting off the hanger at the top of the frame it fit perfectly. It’s like it was made for it. This pack is designed for fastpacking already so it’s easy to get hot. Using it on a 12 mile hike I would still sweat a little but it’s way better than the original pad and GG’s own ventilation pad. It’s a great combo and I can’t wait to get out on the trail with it again."

- Daniel, Gossamer Gear Fast Kumo, Georgia - click to read original Facebook post

"I attached the ventilation frame to my Teti day backpack. It's my daily bag for work.

Everything remains dry, definitely helps when wearing a dress shirt for work."

- Gavin, Teti work backpack, Maryland

"I have have three back packs. My main one is a custom moose track pack body with a Gossamer Gear hip belt and six moon designs running vest style flight harness. I took the UL ventilation frame on an 11 miles hiking ,running and jogging - some low elevation various pace. Cold weather.

Air flow was great - almost to cool. Backpack was dry. Back was only damp where frame makes contact. Comfort was okay. Experienced some pinching between frame and shoulder blades when I would run fast with arms moving quickly and shoulder blades sticking out some."

- Anthony, Custom Backpack w/ components from Moose Track, Gossamer Gear, and Six Moon Designs, Iowa

"Overnight backpacking trip 8 miles round trip, SoCal, 55/28 temps with my my Granite Gear Virga 3.

Definitely felt the cool air under the pack in the mornings, comfortable for the entirety of the trip."

- Steve, Granite Gear Virga 3, Southern California

Increase Ventilation Airflow Granite Gear Backpack

"Installed the UL Ventilation Frame on Zpacks Arc Blast & KUIU Stalker 500 Pro.

Only attached to the said packs to see it I thought it would work and walked around the house. Liked it enough I ordered two more for gifts."

- Travis, Zpacks Arc Blast & KUIU Stalker 500 Pro, Indiana

"The airflow was really good. My shirt was dry, except for where the backpack shoulder straps were. I hardly notice the vent device is there.

I installed the frame onto my Diamond Candy 40 Liter and went on a 6 mile hike in Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia. Temperature was 78°F."

- Michael, Diamond Candy 40 Liter, Florida

"I use a Zpacks Nero 38L pack. Overall I really enjoy the ventilation system during warmer weather."

- Raymon, Zpacks Nero 38L pack, Alabama

"All set and love the product! Barely sweat on a 10 mile hike! Was impressed how dry my shirt stayed!

It is much more secure on the bag than I had thought it would be. It took a little adjustment and getting used to it, but it feels great once you get it in that sweet spot."

- Kevin, Osprey Talon 11, Connecticut

"I used the ventilation frame while rucking 3 miles a day, which included running uphill and rucking at varying elevations. Rucking occurs rain or shine and at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. I use dry-fit polyester shirts that get soaked.

The frame has helped increase airflow. It is a bit uncomfortable due to the weights on the backpack. My back has the frame’s outline pressed and red into my skin. Also, the lower backpack straps where the frame attaches to the bag rub my back."

Note: We are soon releasing a mesh sleeve to provide additional comfort to those who want more. Please check our product catalog for more information.

- Javi, 25L Goruck Rucker 4.0, Texas

"I attached the ventilation frame on my Osprey Camer 32. I went uphill skiing at a local resort for 2.5 hours, 1 mile up. I then when on a separate 3.5 hour hike of 5 miles. I’m in NH so winter conditions.

The airflow was good. Back was dry. Pack was dry. Didn’t feel uncomfortable despite how the frame looks. Top fasteners don’t stay connected in the cold."

- Keith, Osprey Camber 32, New Hampshire

"Airflow was significant! Back still sweating but cool air keeping me cooler. Seems very comfortable in winter. Summers coming!

Shirt was lightly damp (usually WET) but camel was dry except shoulder/waist straps."

- Wade, Camelbak KUDU 12 w/back protector, Louisiana

"I attached the ventilation frame on my 5.11 LV Covert Carry 45L. The airflow was excellent. On cooler Florida days like today, I usually end up with a sweaty back, and everything else is dry. No issues today, and I can feel a breeze when I walk. I really like this.

Comfort is also pretty good, but I feel a few things missed the mark. First, the loops that connect to the top of the backpack straps come undone almost every time I take the pack off. I had to wrap them in electrical tape to keep this from happening. If the connections between the frame halves and the loops at the top were more secure, it would be an absolute home run. Overall, I am very impressed; maybe the next version can address these issues."

Note: Vaucluse Gear now provides additional reusable zip ties to assist in securing all the connections of the top loops. This resolves the user's issues.

- Sean, 5.11 LV Covert Carry 45L, Florida

"Snowy hike up the Tecumseh Trail with an old friend for number 10 of the NH 48 4,000 Footers.

I'm thankful for the extra ventilation!"

- Joe M, Hill People Gear TARAHUMARA PACK, New Hampshire @joemitch25

"This was so amazing to have on my pack traveling around Vietnam and Philippines. So many people asked me about this and after letting them try it on my pack, they had to get one too. Best product I have ever tried."

- Rodney, Travel Daypack, Southern California @rburnes

"Hiked generally intermediate distances of 4-8 miles each time.

The Ultralight Ventilation Frame worked as advertised. It kept my shirt much dryer than normal. Light weight and comfortable."

- David G, 22L Backpack, Southern California

"I hiked Black Mountain with Brice (President of Vaucluse Gear), 2.5 miles, 1,200 ft gain, 2 hours, clouds/sprinkles.

I felt the airflow was greatly increased. My backpack was dry, my shirt was almost completely dry. The front of my shirt and back were the same moisture level. I found the Ventilation Frame to be very comfortable and almost feels like a nice massage on the back."

- Jared, REI Trail 25, Cave Creek, Arizona

"I do a lot of hiking which usually includes wearing a backpack and that almost always means having a sweaty wet back. Well not anymore!

This morning I went on a hike and tested a new piece of gear from Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear, and my back stayed nice and dry!

This lightweight frame creates a comfortable airflow space between your back and your pack and can be used on any pack you already own. I know it will be staying on mine."

- Andy, Osprey Daylite, Phoenix, Arizona

"Installation of the Vaucluse ventilation frame was simple: took no more than two minutes. The frame weighs just a couple of ounces, so I knew the weight wouldn’t be an issue.

My impressions of the frame are totally positive. As advertised, it eliminated the sweat that would build up between my back and the pack. Truly amazed that the ventilation gear performed in this area so well.

Backpack manufacturers have gotten very sophisticated with the design and fit of their packs. I was concerned that using the Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear would negatively affect the pack’s performance. Turns out, this was not an issue at all. If anything, it improved the performance of the pack.

Weight distribution was not a problem. Even though I had space between my body and the pack, the pack remained very secure, and did not drift as I walked, climbed or descended. In summary, I highly recommend the Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Gear!"

- John B, REI Co-op Traverse 32L with a 3-liter hydration bladder, Cave Creek, Arizona

"Went on a 5 mile hike with the Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Frame on my WANDRD 41L PRVKE. My back and pack were far more dry than would have been without the frame."

- Shane, WANDRD 41L PRVKE, Mesa, Arizona

"The frame will fit just about any backpack you can think of. One of the best things about it is the price and discount.

The frame was comfortable. I did not notice it on my back after a short period of time. It did feel a little strange when I first put it on. Even though it is very strong vertically, it flexes so well that it conforms to whatever back shape you've got. With the backpack pressing on it, it just provides a little bit of a shock absorber.

I was concerned about pushing the backpack off of my back; however it doesn't make a huge difference. If you think about some of the packs out there, there is a wider gap between the ventilation screens and the pack.

If you are tired of having a nasty sweaty back and don't have a pack with good ventilation, or you don't want one with the mesh built in, this Ultralight Backpack Ventilation Frame might be just for you."

- Doug, 28L Waymark Mile Daypack, California, YouTube Channel Backcountry Pilgrim

"My back was much less soaking wet than it usually gets on hikes. My wool base-layer was damp so it felt warmer than usual and much more comfortable despite the top hinges of the ventilator not staying clasped together.

I was able to tuck the bottom into my backpack so that helped it stay in place and I think if my gear is organized differently, it might perform even better."

- Kris, Gossamer Gear Kumo 36, New Hampshire

"Best backpack support. Dry and comfortable all the times where walking."

- Tommy R., 30L Supreme Backpack, Maryland

"Miraculous! I purchased the Generation 1 Ultralight Frame one a year ago and loved it. The original one blew apart from overuse. Now I am due for another one (Generation 2 Frame).

I use the frame hiking in New England in all of the seasons including winter. I hike about 20 -40 miles per week. Elevation is variable. I completed The 2, 3, 4th tallest peaks in New Hampshire in one day last summer with the Vaucluse Gear Ventilation Frame. It was fantastic in June. No sweat."

- Jonathan C., 54L ULA equipment model CDT, Berlin, CT

"Absolutely loved the light weight design, and it seamlessly fit onto my pack. At times, I forgot it was even attached. It significantly reduced the amount of sweat on my back and the cool air flowing through was amazingly soothing.

The ventilation gear is a welcomed edition to my hikes."

- Paul A., North Face Borealis Outdoor Backpack 28L, Phoenix, AZ @hiking_padawan

"It worked fantastic!

Wasn’t sweating and barely even noticed it was in my pack, but certainly felt the difference."

- Jay W., Rockagator and Eberlestock backpacks, New York

"Currently working on the NH 52 With A View, have completed 6 of them with the Vaucluse frame, between 1,000 a 1,800 eleven gain, 3-5 hours each, 95% humidity, rain and sun.

I sweat a lot, but the frame has been great! Hiked today, started at 38°F, 1,400’ gain, some rain, the frame allows for great airflow that keeps me from overheating."

- Patrick S., Deuter Speed Lite 30L & REI Flash 22 (22L) Ultralight, New Hampshire

"The frame's plastic (High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is FDA-approved, recyclable, non-toxic, and used to make food containers such as milk jugs) conformed to my back shape, which I consider a plus. It feels flimsy, though held up well. It definitely helped with keeping my back dry.

The male-to-female connectors on the loops were easy to knock loose from putting the pack on/off, and from branches, etc." (Velcro is now provided with the frame to better secure loops).

- Ben V., 30L Daypack, ModGear hydration pack, 16" x 9" x 3" main compartment, West Brook, CT

"Yesterday's hike was pretty wonderful. Even more so because I finally tested out the ultralight ventilation pack frame I bought from Vaucluse Gear.

It's not a secret (any of my hiking partners can agree): I sweat. A LOT. Embarrassingly, to the point I soak literally everything I wear on the ascent often joking to help make my pride feel better about how I look like a wet poodle. With Floki's added weight(+15lbs or more) on top of all my other gear I have been desperate for some sort of solution.

I heard about this frame on a @slasrpodcast, and it simply attaches to my pack easily and provides a space between my pack and back to help create space for airflow, reducing the heat my back puts out and minimizing the sweat, at least in that area, helping with comfort and cooling. Now to only figure out how to help my head because that's where most of it comes from. Damn Scottish genes. It worked really well and definitely minimized heat, and my pack was dry when I returned to my car. I'll take that any day!"

- Melissa, 30L Daypack, The Cherry Mountain Trail a.k.a. 1.8 of Vertical Hell, New Hampshire, @adventureswithflokicat

"I had doubts about the comfort of an add-on backpack ventilation frame, but after a few minutes, I barely noticed it was there. It's a terrific product!

I sweat a lot during exertion, especially with my UL frameless packs that offer no ventilation but hug the body well. The Vaucluse Ultralight Ventilation Frame performed exceptionally well. It is so light and surprisingly comfortable. For my first run, I paired it with my Mountainsmith Zerk 30 Pack. I loaded the pack up with about 14 pounds of weight. I feel that I could load up to whatever the pack is rated for without issue. One of the best incentives that this product offers for me is the "no cold back attack." When you take a break after hitting a saddle or summit, I like setting down my pack for a break. When you're ready to head back out, you throw your pack on, and the cold sweat from your shirt and pack hit ya is soooooo annoying to me. The Vaucluse frame fixes that for me with no issue. I also love that I can easily hot-swap it onto my other packs."

- John W, Mountainsmith Zerk 30 Pack, Phoenix, AZ @jvasholz83

"It greatly improves airflow. The bag is usually dry but shirt not so much - still sweating of course.

Performs pretty well."

- William C, Camelbak Lobo Hydration bag, Laguna Woods, CA

"This is way better. Love it, brother.

I did 6 miles over 2 hours. I definitely didn’t experience back sweat with this pack, with the exception of the lumbar pad, which was not covered with the Vaucluse frame.

Overall, it works as advertised! Awesome product."

- Carlos B, Mystery Ranch Backpack, Cheyenne, WY @catholicammo

"My backpack's airflow improved, and the frame made a notable difference. I will still sweat, especially if wearing a sweater, but it feels more like sweating without a backpack. You don't get your entire backside drenched in sweat as you usually would."

- Jonas R, 5.11 Rush24 37L, Viby, Denmark

"The frame has definitely helped with my body temperature regulation. In the winter, my back stays dry between my coat and pack. It has helped with over heating in the summer."

- Amy M, Women's 30L Osprey Tempest, White Mountains, NH

"Noticeably drier. Only patches of sweat where the frame contacts my back. Comfort was excellent.

Summer hiking from Southern Utah to Oregon. Daily rucking sessions. Temperature from 41 to 100 degrees. More than 1,000 miles."

- Dustin H, DSPTCH Daypack, Hill People Gear Umlindi, GoRuck GR1 - Providence, UT

"I attached it to a carbon fiber seat on a recumbent tricycle I commute 42 miles roundtrip in southern Arizona.

Temperatures can be well over 100F. The air gaps helps keep my back from overheating. I used a USB fan to blow air across the seat through the gap."

- Sandiway F, Carbon Fiber Velomobile - Oro Valley, AZ

"I attached the ventilation frame to my Mystery Ranch 2-day assault pack, which is my everyday carry (EDC) bag. The frame works well. I am not soaked. Some of the points on the ventilation system seemed to poke into my back. I’ve given away my second one to let a friend try it out."

Note: We are soon releasing a mesh sleeve to provide additional comfort to those who want more. Please check our product catalog for more information.

- Matt, Mystery Ranch Assault Pack, Washington

"I average 3 miles every other day using 20-70lb weight plates as exercise. The weather has been cold at the end of winter and is now 70° on average for Spring. So far, I have had limited sweat and don't feel like the backpack gets wet at all. It definitely helps when any wind blows…zero discomfort, even if I'm just wearing a T-shirt!"

- Sphere, 20L Every Day Pack, Tennessee

"The frame's functionality is quite easy. I hiked for about 23 hours with it. I liked it much that I went back and made an additional purchase."

- Sangho, Bonfus 28L, South Korea

"The airflow is far superior with the frame than without. It kept my pack dry, but my shirt took all the sweat. I noticed that the sweat could dry quicker even with the pack on since there was airflow. The comfort was on the high end of the scale but would easily move out of place (my packs don’t have adequate tie-downs for the frame).

I also think that the top and bottom parts of the frame should have half-sized mid-supports so the frame doesn’t fully collapse."

- Jaeger, 3 packs: Rei flash 40 and 55 and a Granite Gear Perimeter 40, Washington

"Airflow was remarkable."

- Alejandro R, Osprey Manta 24, Osprey Talon 44, Omm Classic 25, Ortlieb Attrack 45, Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier - Spain

"I am a park patroller in the Denver metro area, so I’m excited to use the frame to provide more ventilation. I could tell a noticeable difference in ventilation, especially on the day pack since it has no attempt at ventilation whatsoever, but even with the Granite Gear, which does have an attempt at providing some ventilation. The Vaucluse did a much better job.

I was wondering if the bottom of the frame would irritate my back around the belt, but it did not do so. The pack still felt close to my body, and an added bonus is that if I do happen to pack my frameless pack not totally flat, the frame evens out any bumps.

It’s easy to switch the frame from one backpack to another."

- Rolf D, Volpi Outdoor Gear “Falco” 25L pack (18”H, 12”W, 5”D) and a Granite Gear 60L Crown 60 - Denver, CO @rolfdenvers

"I attached the frame on my Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L, Zerogrande 30L, and Tumi Tech Hiking. I took the frame on a 2 hour hike over hilly terrain. The frame performed very well and added support to the Zerogrande backpack which does not have a frame. My back was dry, felt cool."

- Benjamin W, Mystery Ranch Coulee 25L, Zerogrande 30L, and Tumi Tech - California

"The frame works extremely well. You should market it for oxygen concentrators! It is great to keep the heat off my husband's back!!"

- Sharon W, Portable Oxygen Concentrator Backpack - North Carolina (attending Penn State vs Ohio State football game)

"The ventilation frame is very comfortable. Some wetness though I would say about an 80% reduction. I put the frame on my Marmot Kompressor Plus. Hike was 8 miles, sea level, 3 hours, 75 degrees."

- David M, Marmot Kompressor Plus 20L - New Jersey

"The ventilation frame worked incredibly well in warm temperatures. I had noticeably less sweat on my back and it felt much cooler than days that I didn't wear the frame. It actually helped more with the Targus bag because that bag doesn't have a frame built in like the Osprey. Both backpacks benefited from the increased airflow the frame provided, but the Targus backpack was also benefited by the structure of the frame."

- Adam C, Osprey Talon 22L and Targus City Backpack 20L - Seattle, Washington

"As for using it as a baby front carrier spacer (which, to my knowledge, there is nothing on the market), it was a little tricky to hold it in place with a light blanket and mount him, but it did work pretty well. I went on a walk in 80+ degree weather, which generally I would be soaked with sweat, even with putting a towel between us.

One thing I’ve loved about Osprey backpacks is what I thought was the ventilation. But I didn’t realize what I was missing. Adding the additional ventilation to the Osprey Poco Child Carrier made it that much more enjoyable and less sweaty. Hooks in nicely, and I could definitely feel the breeze coming through."

- Matthew R., Lilly Front Baby Carrier & Osprey Poco Child Carrier Backpack - Kent, Washington Instagram @MatthewJRichey

"Spent three days in the Jefferson wilderness in Oregon. That’s Mount Jefferson behind me. First longer trip with the ventilation device in place. Loved it. Super comfortable. A total game changer for that Hyperlight pack that normally sits right against your back with nonbreathing fabric."

- Jeff G, Eugene, Oregon, Hyperlite Backpack

"I can feel a breeze already coming through the back of the backpack and cooling me off where I'm already getting a little sweaty I can definitely feel that there's a cooling effect so far I was not expecting that. So far I'm kind of surprised."

- Zac Magers, Los Angeles, California, Kakwa 55L, YouTube channel @zacmagers

"Worth its weight in gold. (It weights next to nothing). My back stayed dryer and cool for 9 hot humid miles. The Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack was an absolute welcome! I won’t hike again without it!"

- Sara W, New York, 24L Osprey Tempest, @sara_anne_williams

"The airflow was good. The frame works for keeping me non-sweaty. The mid-layer or base layer is always dry. It works as intended.

The problem is the connecting spikes in the exoskeleton come out of their holes (especially under load) and will jab me in the back. This usually happens when walking and adjusting the pack on my back. It’s a major design flaw of the exoskeleton. If the frame could be made in one piece instead of two pieces, this might eliminate the issue."

Note: We are taking this feedback into redesigns of the frame. For the majority of activities, the frame's spacers are designed to stay connected.

- Jonathan, Osprey Daylite Daypack, California

"The Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Frame is definitely a game-changer. 🙌🏼 It’s 100% staying as part of the setup for all my photography strolls from now on. I hope more people get to hear about it to help the product develop even further! It has kept me dry and cool on my day-long photography stroll today. I 100% would recommend."

- Rafael, 15L Everyday Backpack Zip by Peak Design, Chicago, IL @rafa_xnta

"A nice upgrade for any backpack!

My pack was dry, my shirt was soaked (100% humidity and 93 Fahrenheit in Texas!) but it was nice and cool.

I barely felt the frame."

- Raul, Laredo, Texas, PDW WUULF Backpack 24 Liter

PDW WUULF pack, 24 liter

"It feels good. Did it work? Yes. I felt the breeze on my back. It felt nice. I am loving my backpack ventilation. I'll be loading more 'Real Guy Reviews' on my YouTube channel, so check it out."

- Paul W, Ohio, Bullet Ruck 15L and Goruck 4.0 Rucker 25L, YouTube video review

"I'm loving it. Walked up to the top of Diamond Head with the Vaucluse Ventilation Frame on my 15L Bullet. Works very well keeping your back cool. Would be great for a motorcycle or cycling.

I also took it for a 6 mile uphill walk with about 15lbs in it. It definitely works and keeps from soaking your pack.

Not very noticeable wearing it. I only had about 15ish pounds load up but it seems to work very well."

- Justin, Hawaii, Bullet 15L Xpac Slick Orange Goruck, Facebook Carryology Classified

"Finally able to get out and put the Ultralight Backpack Ventilation Frame to work, and got it dialed in. Outstanding design! Huge difference, keeping a space between the backpack and back. Negligible weight, and much more comfortable than I expected it to be! I highly recommend it if your wearing a backpack out there! 🤙🏻"

- Patrick S, New Hampshire, 28L Daypack Instagram @patricksmart603

"The frame performed wonderfully. I am a heavy sweater, but the main thing I notice when hiking with a pack is the warmth generated on my back from the contact of my hiking pack. Although I was sweaty, I was noticeably less sweaty because there was room for airflow between my back and the backpack."

- Jacob, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, Deuter Speed Lite 30 Instagram @jakeski603

"Barely any back sweat. Took my sis-in-law on her first hike in the whites today and she didn’t hate it."

- Michael L, White Mountains, Osprey 36L Instagram @miadevaia

"19-mile hike for my 44th high peak climb Mount Allen in the Adirondack High Peaks. The frame fit perfectly on my 3FUL 55-liter backpack. I was carrying about 20-30 lbs with overnight gear. I noticed the frame massage on my back the first 4 miles and was worried it would act like a cheese grater. The vent worked on the long walk out 9 miles and the slab climbing up Allen.

The frame didn't cause any abrasion or bruising on my back. I was overall impressed with the quality and durability, and comfort. I could see my friend's back was a sweaty mess. My back was dry, as was my backpack. The temp was only 59 degrees Fahrenheit. I am most excited to try this on my winter climbs, where back sweat can be dangerous at freezing temps."

- Phillip, 3FUL 55-liter backpack, Central New York State

"Normally with this backpack, my back is soaked regardless of conditions as long as the ride is more than 10-15 minutes. It's basically just due to the nature of the dog being strapped into the bag With the way the dog sits inside, it causes the bag to stick directly to you back.

Using the frame, it pretty much makes it so your back is dry the whole time with this bag since there is no contact. It's much much comfortable to bring my dog on rides with me with the frame."

- Allan, 13x21x10 Kurgo G Train Dog Carrier, 12 lb dog inside, Rhode Island, Instagram @olliepop_ri

Kurgo Airflow Spacer

"Frame did a fantastic job of keeping a steady room for air between my back and my pack. Great for sweaty hikers…. like me."

- Jake S, Deuter Speed Lite 30L, Mount Washington - his first 4,000 footer @jakeskis603

"Frame installed on Heritage GR1 26L and a 40L top loader. Although it wasn’t a super warm day in NYC, there was no sweat build-up on my back nor visible on the bag. There were about 20 lbs of Flushing Groceries on my back, and I felt every breeze. The venting from my first use case was a shock. Amazing product! Although I did feel a bit of tension on my back after about an hour of carry, it went away after a while. Who knows, maybe this venting system can dub as a posture device as well."

- Sunny K, 26L and 40L backpacks, New York, New York

"Decent. It did as started and kept airflow going nicely."

- Amanda, North Face Large, Ohio

"We were on a bushwhacking hike in AR (searching for waterfalls). Approximately 8 miles of intense hills on an 80 degree day. The worked extremely well.

We were both expiring but we could feel the breeze on our backs. It was surprisingly comfortable and effective."

- Edmond, North Face Large, Arkansas

"I installed the ventilation frame on my ULA Ultra Catalyst and took it on a 12 mile hike with 40lbs 2300ft elevation gain over 6hrs. When hiking on flat ground, it was ok shirt was mostly dry. Experience discomfort (I/m 6'5") as the frame sits high on the pack and doesn't cover my torso. I would like the frame to be longer to accommodate my longer torso."

Note: We are releasing a mesh sleeve to increase comfort level for packs with heavier loads. 40lbs is pretty heavy. We will look into making longer frames.

- Andy, ULA Ultra Catalyst, Maryland

"The ventilation frame did just what it was supposed to do. My back was noticeably drier and, more importantly, cooler. There was zero chilling effect once the pack was removed at camp. In fact, you couldn't even tell I was sweating. Comfort-wise, it was great. You could feel it, but it was not intrusive and, in fact, kinda massaged my back while hiking.

We spent the night on the Indian Grave Ridge Trail west of the Shenandoah Mountains. Day 1 was all uphill, and the trail covered 3+/- miles. Because there was no water on the trail, I carried 6L in total. Hiking to camp took around 3.5 hours, and the elevation gain was 1470 feet. The weather was perfect."

- Rodney, ULA Circuit 68L, Virginia

"I was very satisfied with the ventilation. There was no wet part."

- Jungseok, 35L Hyperlite Mountain Gear Waypoint, New Jersey

"The airflow was great, and the backpack was not wet at all. The shirt was a little sweaty, but definitely less sweaty than others without the Vaucluse. It was very comfortable after a few adjustments.

I had to secure it a little higher than it naturally sat with some Velcro. There was one peg that kept popping out of its hole. I will need to use a zip tie to keep it in place."

- Rich, First Tactical Specialist 36L, California

"I hiked with the ventilation frame on three backpacks here in Texas:

Gregory 20L, Osprey Porter 46L, and an Osprey Daylite Plus

Improved airflow, better back dryness. I wish they would offer at least a longer version and maybe a wider one as well."

Please note: Our design and engineering teams are researching how to make different size frames. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new products.

- Jonathan, Gregory 20L, Osprey Porter 46L, Osprey Daylite Plus, Texas

"I got sweaty everywhere but on my back! I went on a 3 mile hike in Boulder Flatirons starting at 5,633 feet and going up maybe to 7k feet. I wore the Camelbak H.A.W.G. backpack over a Patagonia puffer coat, and it felt like the pack was full of ice!"

- Roger, Camelbak H.A.W.G. Backpack, Colorado

"I went on a Boy Scout camping trip to FGL BSA camp here in Georgia. We had an orienteering course that lasted three hours through multiple types of terrain.

The airflow from the ventilation frame was great. Here in Georgia, it is so humid. You sweat regardless, but my back was cool with the breeze. My pack wasn’t wet, and I did not worry about sweating through it into the items I was carrying."

- Lance, Zenith 28L, Georgia

"I attached the frame to my backpack during a trip to Disneyland. It fits perfectly inside the built-in luggage strap, keeping it very secure. The top connectors that are supposed to secure around the straps kept popping open, but with the other backpack strap, it didn’t matter.

I was rather warm all day, but I did not have a sweaty back at all, which is highly unusual. It also felt surprisingly comfortable, even providing a bit of a pressure point massage."

- Josh, Designer Park Company Master Gracey Sapphire, California

"I attached the frame to my Habagat Daypack, which I purchased in the Philippines 20 years ago. I took the frame on multiple short hikes in St. George, Utah. It was roughly 80 degrees, and it was sometimes breezy.

The airflow was good, perhaps not great. My pack seemed to cover some of the edges and restrict airflow somewhat. My shirt was definitely drier than usual. I was still sweating on my back, so I wasn't perfectly dry, but the sweat wasn't soaking through the clothes and keeping my back constantly wet. I thought the frame was very comfortable. In fact, I felt it was more comfortable with the frame than without.

I didn't love that when I took the pack off, the frame would move or slide off the straps somewhat. It seemed that I had extra stuff dangling off my pack and was somewhat annoying when I was taking my pack on and off. Not a big deal though."

- Robert, Habagat Daypack, Utah

"I took the ventilation frame on a shirt hike of about 2 miles in early spring. The frame performed well. It provided structure for my pack and was very comfortable. My SOG Ninja Tactical Backpack, 24.2 liters, was dry. I usually sweat a lot but did not as much as with the frame."

- Doug, SOG Ninja Tactical Backpack, 24.2 liter New Jersey

"My back has been consistently drier on hikes with the Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Frame. The airflow is great, and my shirt isn't wet when reaching the peak. Overall, the frame is pretty comfortable, even when just wearing a sports bra.

I was hiking a 12-mile loop in Moultonborough, NH, near Mount Shaw and Mount Roberts. The total elevation gain was 2,200 ft. The temperature was sunny and in the low 70s. I was wearing a Salomon 20-liter Trailblazer backpack."

- CeLynn S, 20L Salomon Trailblazer, New Hampshire

"The frame works really well at keeping my back cooler and drier - especially in warmer weather."

- Jon S, Ohio, 25L Perry Ellis Laptop Backpack

backpack airflow frame

"Little to no sweat on my shirt in the cooler temps. As it gets warmer I'm noticing typical sweat near the lumbar area and only minor sweat where the frame contacts my back.

It completely changed how the pack carries (10 essentials plus lunch and snacks and water) for the better.

It pairs perfectly with the day pack."

- Nick T, Appalachian Trail, Six Moon Designs WyEast day pack. 24L main compartment. 30L total, Instagram @nt_outside

Backpack Airflow Frame

"The instant I put my bag back on with the ventilation frame on it and turned a breeze blew right between my back and backpack and, I was floored.

I had no idea it would be that big of an impact. My back stayed dry all day long, and I’m glad it did because when I gained altitude it got colder. Had I been sweaty, I would have had to add a layer again. As a bonus, at the end of the hike, I had no need to change my shirt before hitting up a brewery because it was dry and not sweaty. So thank you very much."

- James L, Massachusetts, Osprey Manta 24L, Instagram @james_phoenix86

Backpack Airflow Frame

"Used the Vaucluse Backpack Ventilation Frame/Spacer on a hike in the Catskills New York, Windham Mountain.

It totally exceeded my expectations. My back and shirt stayed dry. My shirt even stayed in place (did not bunch up mid-back like usual). I could actually feel a cool airflow on my back while hiking. It was very comfortable. I had wondered if the frame would dig in my back, but I did not even feel it was there."

- Mike D, Catskills New York, 19L Gossmar daypack, Instagram @mden

backpack sweat ventilation

"Took my Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Frame on a photoshoot in the sunny SoCal Beaches and loved how it kept my back dry the entire time! I never knew what a game changer it is to feel the cool air throughout the entire hike.

I was able to carry about 20lbs of gear in my camera backpack and not one moment did I feel overheated or uncomfortable.

This product is ahead of its time, and I cannot appreciate the thought and care that went into producing it to make it happen! Thanks, Vaucluse you’ve made my photography trips that much more enjoyable!"

- Oli N, Photographer from SoCal with 21L Camera Bag and Black Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Frame.

Backpack ventilation frame for daypack

"You seem to be the only company making any product that is ANYTHING like yours, and it's useful - arguably needed- and I love it.

I'm as dry as I ever am after a long walk.

I honestly think the Hyperlite 2400 Southwest backpack is more comfortable with the Vaucluse frame. I can walk 4 hours and nothing bothers me about the frame, the pack, etc."

- Rich M, Appalachian Trail, Connecticut, Hyperlite 2400 Southwest backpack

Hyperlite backpacks ventilation

"I'll tell you what I do feel: I feel air moving against my back. That's awesome. Because even though it's a cool morning, I'm warm enough that, if I didn't have this frame, I would definitely be sweating by now."

- Keith B (YouTube channel, Gone Feral with Squidly), Alabama, 30L Daypack

Ventilation Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"The Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Frame kept my back from sweating while carrying this heavy pack on many adventures in Iceland, which is a great thing when it's below-freezing outside."

- Lee A, Mossy Oak 64.6L Hunting Backpack. @silverstonesubie

Iceland backpacking adventure

"Game changer! The Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Frame worked so well on my pack. Barely did sweat at all. I hiked Mount Whiteface and Mount Passaconaway loop in New Hampshire. The total length of the hike was 12 miles, and the elevation gain was just over 4,000 feet."

- Heather G, New Hampshire, 36L Osprey. @hiking_hthrlee

Backpack Frame Increase Airflow

"Easily rates 10 out of 5 stars! The Black Lava Airflow Frame I bought is comfortable, flexible, strong, easy to clean, colorfast, and safe on all the fabrics I tested. It allows perspiration to escape, keeping my back drier and warmer in cold weather, and enables evaporative cooling in warm weather, effectively lowering my core body temperature. It also keeps prodding backpack items safely away from my back."

- Chuck T, Tennessee, Hiker/Rucker with 26L Ruck Pack and 38L Osprey Backpack

Increase Airflow Backpack Frame

"The Vaucluse Air Spacer is a noticeable different almost instantly. When climbing in the mountains in the winter especially it’s crucial to sweat as little as possible and the backpack is always the main culprit. This allows air flow that keeps it at a minimum and is minimally noticeable on your back. A fantastic product addressing a major need in the outdoors world!"

- James A, Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid, NY, Osprey Kestrel 48L. @JamesAppleton46

Backpacking Increase Airflow

"I'm loving the frame. The biggest advantage the Cool-Dry Frame offers is helping you stay warmer once you get to your hunting location. Most of the time, when hiking to your hunting spot with a backpack, your back will overheat regardless of how cold it is.

In cold temperatures, nothing is worse than sweating in your clothes and sitting in a still position for a long period of time.

So by significantly reducing or eliminating upper body perspiration, you'll be much warmer once you get settled into your hunting spot."

- Landon (ProCaliber HQ YouTuber), Virginia, Wild Iowa Bushcraft Pack 55L

Hunting Backpack 55L Bushcraft

"We really stand behind the product."

- Mike & Stomp, Hosts of SLASR Podcast

Backpacking and Hiking Podcasts

"How much of a difference can the Cool-Dry Frame make? I'm here to tell you today that the answer is A HUGE difference by allowing air to flow freely between the pack and your body to evaporate sweat quickly!

The super lightweight frame attached easily to my 36 Liter Osprey pack. It was very comfortable, so much so I forgot it was even there. Today's summit temps with the wind chill were in the single digits/teens. Normally, when I stop moving, I would break out my down puffy to warm up because of how cold I would be from the freezing air hitting my sweat-soaked back. Today, that wasn't the case. I can't wait to try this Cool/Dry Frame in the summer! I highly recommend you check it out!"

- Michael L, Rhode Island, Osprey 36L Instagram @miadevaia

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"This product is life-changing. My back never got cold due to so much less sweat. I actually convinced two others to buy them, and they also had them on with excellent results.

When I set out, the temp was 18F, and it didn't warm up much during the day. Very windy on the summit above the tree line. The frame's comfort was very high. I am a heavy sweater, and although I still sweat beneath the pack, it kept the sweat to a minimum.

I occasionally felt cold air on my back which was a great feeling. My shirt was still damp beneath my jacket, but nowhere near the extent it usually is. Stats: 15.3 miles, 16 hours, 4,900 feet of elevation, and 6,970 calories."

- Tom P, New Jersey. REI Trail 25 Pack 20" x 14"

Vaucluse Gear Sweat Airflow Backpack Review

"Loved it! The Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Cool-Dry Frame provided excellent breathability around my back. It also prevented sweat from building up and causing potentially hypothermic conditions in the winter. It is especially important to regulate body temperature during the winter when you’re layered up. This piece of gear was very helpful in that mission.

We stayed dry and happy the whole day. The frame was comfortable and lightweight. I hardly noticed I was wearing it. The design is simple, easy to take on and off, flexible enough to move with you, yet durable enough to carefully hold the pack away from your body."

- Lynn S, New Hampshire White Mountains, Kyte 46L, Instagram @swezer_outdoors

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"It carried better than my Osprey Levity. The frame was very comfortable and kept my back cool even with multiple layers for the cold weather. It was absolutely wonderful at keeping my back dry. I will not hike without it from here out!"

- Scott H, North Carolina, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 3400

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"I attached the Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Frame to my Deuter 30-liter, and it made a difference. I hike all the time in the New Hampshire White Mountains. I tried the frame out on a snowy hike up the Flume Slide to Mount Flume: about 9 miles total on a 20-degree day with 1,800 feet of elevation in .8 miles. My back was noticeably dryer, as was my butt, which is usually soaked. So far, my hiking buddies have marveled at the results."

- Tom P, New Hampshire, 30L Deuter

"The Vaucluse Ultralight Backpack Frame performed better than expected. I was particularly impressed with the comfort. I started off with a jacket and started to sweat a little so I removed it. With one base layer, my back dried out and stayed dry the rest of the way. Overall, I am very happy with this performance."

- Lance M, White Mountains, New Hampshire, Deuter 36-liter

Sweat less when backpacking

"I used the frame with my go-to 75L pack. My concern was losing stability with the bigger pack. That was not an issue at all. The frame helped take some pressure off my shoulders. My back was not soaked like usual. The next day we switched, and my wife stayed dry and happy. Both packs felt more comfortable with the frame. It exceeded both of our expectations. I really appreciate you coming up with a solution to a problem I thought I just had to live with."

- Dave R, California. 75L Jansport Whittaker and 28L Deuter Trail SL, Instagram @daveroggenbuck

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"Helped reduce sweat by about 50%."

- Stephen M, Outdoor Vitals Shadowlight 45L, Mount Garfield, New Hampshire

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"I used it a lot during my hiking in the Alpes this summer, and I can definitely tell that my back almost didn't sweat at all!"

- Mayl' M, French Alps 20L Daypack

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"MY DUO backpack doesn’t have much airflow on the back. It gets hot and causes sweating. I felt the air flow and coolness by adding the Cool-Dry Frame. It's an excellent idea and a good product. It helps sweat less from wearing a backpack."

- BK, New York City, DUO Wandrd Daypack

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat less

"I'm at the top of Mount Baldy. I have my Cool-Dry Frame to keep my back dry. You can see that it creates space so air can go through. Thank you for a very useful tool."

- Michael T, Mount Baldy, Southern California, 22L daypack

Sweat less when backpacking

"I hiked from about 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. The temperature was in the high 80s at the beginning and low 90s at the end. I did sweat less and was cooler than I normally am. The frame was comfortable. I'm also a college student with a 20-minute walk to and from class, and I use it all the time. It helps SO MUCH!"

- Hutt N, Palo Duro State Park (Texas) with a Magellan 55-liter Technical Frame.

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"All my hikes (travels with a pack) are +/- 30 miles in the Chihuahuan desert along the Mexican border in the summer. I'm on the move all day, during the day. HOT (120+), dry, max UV, min humidity. Ran a calorie deficiency as usual. Water is by far the priority. I feel a breeze between my back and the pack. My back (and below) is cooler and much less soaked. Overall, I like it and will continue to use it."

- Rod D, Big Bend National Park, Texas

"I always sweat like a mother and then freeze as soon as I stop, so it was nice not to have my backpack soaked when I took it off to take a break and put back on. It was lightweight and fit well. I am always cold but sweat quickly and a lot when hiking which is a weird combination and hard to regulate at times."

- Shandi E, Mountain Wear 55L, New Hampshire, Instagram @one.with.the.speed

Backpacking Airflow Spacer System Sweat Hiking

"Loving the Cool-Dry Frame! It's perfect for every season. Now, I never ruck without my Cool-Dry Frame. Held up even better with the 45lb ruck plate."

- Max D, Detroit, Michigan. Ruck pack.

Rucksack frame airflow system

"My conclusion is that the Vaucluse insert definitely keeps things drier and cooler. On these points, I rate the Vaucluse Cool-Dry Backpack Frame at 100%!” ~ read the full review here.

- Joe Schaffer, Medium Gregory Palisade 80 (77L), California

"I've never felt that type of cooling out here in these temperatures. Now I'm getting much more consistent airflow and evaporative cooling around my entire core, and that is really helping me stay out and move harder and longer. It just keeps your core down that much easier.” ~ read full review here.

- Jim Armstrong, 40L Pack, Search & Rescue Operations, Decatur, TX

Sweat Free Backpacking Gear

"Holy cow am I a believer in your product! Worked fantastic in Georgia with my hiking pack on and like 40000% humidity this morning! Super comfortable! I'll get my wife to get some pictures of the sweat pattern the next time we go out!"

- Chris, day hiker with 20L pack, Georgia

"I have the back practically dry after a three-hour hike in the heat, therefore I recommend."

original French: "J'ai le dos pratiquement sec au bout des trois heures de la chaleur, donc je le recommande." - read full review here.

- Hubert T, day hiker with a 28L backpack from Vaucluse, France

"It works. I have not experienced sweat on my back. The only area where I get sweaty is at the very bottom where the bag touches my body near the waist area and the straps touch my back. This is fine as it still significantly reduces the amount of sweat/water-loss by at least 80%."

- Aaron S, day hiker with a 28L backpack from Arizona

"I normally drip sweat like a faucet with my back being completely soaked like I was sprayed with a hose. I cannot believe how dry this kept me. My shirt was just as dry on the back as it was on the front. That has never happened when I wear a pack. Never! The gear was comfortable and I didn’t even really notice it."

- Jeff L, day hiker with SKYSPER Hiking Backpack 40L, North Carolina

"My back had a little sweat, but the same amount as if I didn’t wear a backpack."

- Abby R, High Sierra Cirque 30L, Indiana

“Yes, with the warm temps my back didn’t sweat at all…nice! So far I like what I see. It’s well constructed, lightweight, flexible, and doesn’t feel odd when wearing it (I thought the honeycomb and the spacers might be annoying)." ~ read full review here.

- Mike L, day hiker with a 22L backpack from Arizona

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"Overall I had no issues with the frame's fit on my daypack (with 2 full bottles of water). I hardly remembered it was attached and didn’t bother me while hiking at all. I hiked about 6 miles. Starting temp was 65 degrees. The ending temp was 82. My shirt was a bit wet, and my pack stayed dry. I sweat a lot, but likely not as much if I hadn’t worn it."

- Rob G, day hiker with a 20L backpack from Texas

"Really comfortable. I hiked 6 miles (3 up and 3 down) in 80-degree weather. I put the frame on my day pack with 2 liters of water and some clothes. The frame was really comfortable, and my shirt was damp but not nearly as bad as it would have been if not using the frame."

- Jerry S, day hiker with a 22L backpack from California

"It worked really well, even in the cold conditions. I was sweating with just a base layer, but my back stayed dry on the heavy-duty hikes."

- Matt C, day hiker and photographer with 30L backpack, Pennsylvania

"First time I have hiked with my Search & Rescue pack and not come back with a totally soaked back. I am sold on the product and will continue to use it. Comfortable. Lightweight."

- Rod S, Search & Rescue Team, 40L backpack from Virginia

"I’ve taken it out 3 times for my daily walk to see how it’d behave. I tested on Sunday without it and had a sweaty back. In the 3 walks since, I didn’t have any sweat. So we’re on the right track. All the walks were in a t-shirt and light fleece jacket."

- Tyler F, day hiker with 35L backpack from Washington

"I did not sweat as much as normal with the extra space between my shirt and the Cool-Dry Frame. Felt good and had no gear issues."

- Walter S, day hiker with 22L Osprey backpack from North Carolina

"None. Before, my North Face day pack with mesh back always left me sweaty."

- Jared O, birdwatcher with North Face day pack from Oregon

Ultralight Backpack Ventilation Frame

This Generation 2 Frame is the upgraded version of our previous ventilation frame. The frame is 50% light (weights only 4 ounces - equivalent to a pair of socks), much stronger, and more flexible on your back. The design also has zero impact on your spine. The frame enables continuous ventilation by making space between your back and your pack, allowing natural airflow to draw away excess body heat and moisture as you move.