Sweat Less and Experience Comfort with the Cool-Dry Frame - Perfect for Backpackers!

"The Vaucluse Air Spacer is a noticeable different almost instantly. When climbing in the mountains in the winter especially it’s crucial to sweat as little as possible and the backpack is always the main culprit. This allows air flow that keeps it at a minimum and is minimally noticeable on your back. A fantastic product addressing a major need in the outdoors world!

- James A, Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid, NY, Osprey Kestrel 48L

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"I'm loving the frame. The biggest advantage the Cool-Dry Frame offers is helping you stay warmer once you get to your hunting location. Most of the time, when hiking to your hunting spot with a backpack, your back will overheat regardless of how cold it is.

In cold temperatures, nothing is worse than sweating in your clothes and sitting in a still position for a long period of time.

So by significantly reducing or eliminating upper body perspiration, you'll be much warmer once you get settled into your hunting spot."

- Landon (ProCaliber HQ YouTuber), Virginia, Wild Iowa Bushcraft Pack 55L

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"We really stand behind the product."

- Mike & Stomp, Hosts of SLASR Podcast

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"How much of a difference can the Cool-Dry Frame make? I'm here to tell you today that the answer is A HUGE difference by allowing air to flow freely between the pack and your body to evaporate sweat quickly!

The super lightweight frame attached easily to my 36 Liter Osprey pack. It was very comfortable, so much so I forgot it was even there. Today's summit temps with the wind chill were in the single digits/teens. Normally, when I stop moving, I would break out my down puffy to warm up because of how cold I would be from the freezing air hitting my sweat-soaked back. Today, that wasn't the case. I can't wait to try this Cool/Dry Frame in the summer! I highly recommend you check it out!"

- Michael L, Rhode Island, Osprey 36L Instagram @miadevaia

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"This product is life-changing. My back never got cold due to so much less sweat. I actually convinced two others to buy them, and they also had them on with excellent results.

When I set out, the temp was 18F, and it didn't warm up much during the day. Very windy on the summit above the tree line. The frame's comfort was very high. I am a heavy sweater, and although I still sweat beneath the pack, it kept the sweat to a minimum.

I occasionally felt cold air on my back which was a great feeling. My shirt was still damp beneath my jacket, but nowhere near the extent it usually is. Stats: 15.3 miles, 16 hours, 4,900 feet of elevation, and 6,970 calories."

- Tom P, New Jersey. REI Trail 25 Pack 20" x 14"

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"Loved it! The Cool-Dry Frame provided excellent breathability around my back. It also prevented sweat from building up and causing potentially hypothermic conditions in the winter. It is especially important to regulate body temperature during the winter when you’re layered up. This piece of gear was very helpful in that mission.

We stayed dry and happy the whole day. The frame was comfortable and lightweight. I hardly noticed I was wearing it. The design is simple, easy to take on and off, flexible enough to move with you, yet durable enough to carefully hold the pack away from your body."

- Lynn S, New Hampshire White Mountains, Kyte 46L, Instagram @swezer_outdoors

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"It carried better than my Osprey Levity. The frame was very comfortable and kept my back cool even with multiple layers for the cold weather. It was absolutely wonderful at keeping my back dry. I will not hike without it from here out!"

- Scott H, North Carolina, Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 3400

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"I attached the Cool-Dry Frame to my Deuter 30-liter, and it made a difference. I hike all the time in the New Hampshire White Mountains. I tried the frame out on a snowy hike up the Flume Slide to Mount Flume: about 9 miles total on a 20-degree day with 1,800 feet of elevation in .8 miles. My back was noticeably dryer, as was my butt, which is usually soaked. So far, my hiking buddies have marveled at the results."

- Tom P, New Hampshire, 30L Deuter

"The Cool-Dry Frame performed better than expected. I was particularly impressed with the comfort. I started off with a jacket and started to sweat a little so I removed it. With one base layer, my back dried out and stayed dry the rest of the way. Overall, I am very happy with this performance."

- Lance M, White Mountains, New Hampshire, Deuter 36-liter

Sweat less when backpacking

"I used the frame with my go-to 75L pack. My concern was losing stability with the bigger pack. That was not an issue at all. The frame helped take some pressure off my shoulders. My back was not soaked like usual. The next day we switched, and my wife stayed dry and happy. Both packs felt more comfortable with the frame. It exceeded both of our expectations. I really appreciate you coming up with a solution to a problem I thought I just had to live with."

- Dave, Alps, California. 75L Jansport Whitaker and 28L Deuter Trail SL, Instagram @daveroggenbuck

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"Helped reduce sweat by about 50%."

- Stephen M, Outdoor Vitals Shadowlight 45L, Mount Garfield, New Hampshire

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"I used it a lot during my hiking in the Alpes this summer, and I can definitely tell that my back almost didn't sweat at all!"

- Mayl' M, French Alps 20L Daypack

Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

"MY DUO backpack doesn’t have much airflow on the back. It gets hot and causes sweating. I felt the air flow and coolness by adding the Cool-Dry Frame. It's an excellent idea and a good product. It helps sweat less from wearing a backpack."

- BK, New York City, DUO Wandrd Daypack

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"I'm at the top of Mount Baldy. I have my Cool-Dry Frame to keep my back dry. You can see that it creates space so air can go through. Thank you for a very useful tool."

- Michael T, Mount Baldy, Southern California, 22L daypack

Sweat less when backpacking

"I hiked from about 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. The temperature was in the high 80s at the beginning and low 90s at the end. I did sweat less and was cooler than I normally am. The frame was comfortable. I'm also a college student with a 20-minute walk to and from class, and I use it all the time. It helps SO MUCH!"

- Hutt N, Palo Duro State Park (Texas) with a Magellan 55-liter Technical Frame.

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"All my hikes (travels with a pack) are +/- 30 miles in the Chihuahuan desert along the Mexican border in the summer. I'm on the move all day, during the day. HOT (120+), dry, max UV, min humidity. Ran a calorie deficiency as usual. Water is by far the priority. I feel a breeze between my back and the pack. My back (and below) is cooler and much less soaked. Overall, I like it and will continue to use it."

- Rod D, Big Bend National Park, Texas

"The frame was comfortable, had to adjust my bag a few times to get the right fit. I always sweat like a mother and then freeze as soon as I stop, so it was nice not to have my backpack soaked when I took it off to take a break and put back on. It was lightweight and fit well. I am always cold but sweat quickly and a lot when hiking which is a weird combination and hard to regulate at times."

- Shandi E, Mountain Wear 55L, New Hampshire, Instagram @one.with.the.speed

Backpacking Airflow Spacer System Sweat Hiking

"Loving the Cool-Dry Frame! It's perfect for every season. Now, I never ruck without my Cool-Dry Frame. Held up even better with the 45lb ruck plate."

- Max D, Detroit, Michigan. Ruck pack.

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"My conclusion is that the Vaucluse insert definitely keeps things drier and cooler. On these points, I rate the Vaucluse Cool-Dry Backpack Frame at 100%!” ~ read the full review here.

- Joe Schaffer, Medium Gregory Palisade 80 (77L), California

"I've never felt that type of cooling out here in these temperatures. Now I'm getting much more consistent airflow and evaporative cooling around my entire core, and that is really helping me stay out and move harder and longer. It just keeps your core down that much easier.” ~ read full review here.

- Jim Armstrong, 40L Pack, Search & Rescue Operations, Decatur, TX

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"Holy cow am I a believer in your product! Worked fantastic in Georgia with my hiking pack on and like 40000% humidity this morning! Super comfortable! I'll get my wife to get some pictures of the sweat pattern the next time we go out!"

- Chris, day hiker with 20L pack, Georgia

"I have the back practically dry after a three-hour hike in the heat, therefore I recommend."

original French: "J'ai le dos pratiquement sec au bout des trois heures de la chaleur, donc je le recommande." - read full review here.

- Hubert T, day hiker with a 28L backpack from Vaucluse, France

"It works. I have not experienced sweat on my back. The only area where I get sweaty is at the very bottom where the bag touches my body near the waist area and the straps touch my back. This is fine as it still significantly reduces the amount of sweat/water-loss by at least 80%."

- Aaron S, day hiker with a 28L backpack from Arizona

"I normally drip sweat like a faucet with my back being completely soaked like I was sprayed with a hose. I cannot believe how dry this kept me. My shirt was just as dry on the back as it was on the front. That has never happened when I wear a pack. Never! The gear was comfortable and I didn’t even really notice it."

- Jeff L, day hiker with SKYSPER Hiking Backpack 40L, North Carolina

"My back had a little sweat, but the same amount as if I didn’t wear a backpack."

- Abby, day hiker with High Sierra Cirque 30, Indiana

“Yes, with the warm temps my back didn’t sweat at all…nice! So far I like what I see. It’s well constructed, lightweight, flexible, and doesn’t feel odd when wearing it (I thought the honeycomb and the spacers might be annoying)." ~ read full review here.

- Mike L, day hiker with a 22L backpack from Arizona

Airflow Backpack Evaporate Sweat

"Overall I had no issues with the frame's fit on my daypack (with 2 full bottles of water). I hardly remembered it was attached and didn’t bother me while hiking at all. I hiked about 6 miles. Starting temp was 65 degrees. The ending temp was 82. My shirt was a bit wet, and my pack stayed dry. I sweat a lot, but likely not as much if I hadn’t worn it."

- Rob G, day hiker with a 20L backpack from Texas

"Really comfortable. I hiked 6 miles (3 up and 3 down) in 80-degree weather. I put the frame on my day pack with 2 liters of water and some clothes. The frame was really comfortable, and my shirt was damp but not nearly as bad as it would have been if not using the frame."

- Jerry S, day hiker with a 22L backpack from California

"It worked really well, even in the cold conditions. I was sweating with just a base layer, but my back stayed dry on the heavy-duty hikes."

- Matt C, day hiker and photographer with 30L backpack, Pennsylvania

"First time I have hiked with my Search & Rescue pack and not come back with a totally soaked back. I am sold on the product and will continue to use it. Comfortable. Lightweight."

- Rod S, Search & Rescue Team, 40L backpack from Virginia

"I’ve taken it out 3 times for my daily walk to see how it’d behave. I tested on Sunday without it and had a sweaty back. In the 3 walks since, I didn’t have any sweat. So we’re on the right track. All the walks were in a t-shirt and light fleece jacket."

- Tyler F, day hiker with 35L backpack from Washington

"I did not sweat as much as normal with the extra space between my shirt and the Cool-Dry Frame. Felt good and had no gear issues."

- Walter S, day hiker with 22L Osprey backpack from North Carolina

"None. Before, my North Face day pack with mesh back always left me sweaty."

- Jared O, birdwatcher with North Face day pack from Oregon

The Cool-Dry Frame by Vaucluse Gear

It's your best way to stay cool and dry with a backpack. This lightweight (only 6 ounces), soft, durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack and creates a natural airflow between you and the pack without using mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow to keep your back cool and dry.