Not every backpacking adventure has to be in the great outdoors, right? We often take a backpack with us when vacationing, too.

I recently took my Vaucluse Gear Cool-Dry Backpack Frame with me on vacation to Bordeaux. Located in southwestern France, the city is best known for its wine. Considered one of the world's wine capitals, the city itself is a gem of history and adventure. If you love Paris but dislike the crowds, pollution, and fast pace, then I recommend you visit Bordeaux!

Gear overview: I took my Osprey® Daylite pack along with me for the trip, as it’s the perfect size to hold personal belongings and small gifts.

Of course, I attached my Cool-Dry Frame to my backpack to keep me cool and dry for the entire afternoon.

Part 1 of 4: Weather Check

The weather was perfect: blue sky and mid-eighties. Additionally, the humidity was in the 20s, so no worries about mugginess.

Bordeaux is a port city on the river Garonne, whose banks always offer a cooling breeze when walking along the boardwalk.

Bordeaux's climate is classified as a temperate oceanic climate. In layman’s terms, it’s never too hot or too cold. During my trip in May, the temperature dropped in the evenings to the 60s. The daytime temperatures never crossed the 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) mark.

You can learn more about the weather in Bordeaux by visiting

Part 2 of 4: Trail Check

Most days, I just walked through the city intending to eat at a nice restaurant for lunch and then tour one monument or church afterward. The rest of the day was spent meandering the old town streets.

I would only track a short portion of my afternoon walk when I was mostly walking with the purpose to see as much of the city as possible. At times, I did stop inside to explore a monument better or visit a church.

Here are data points for my walk while using the Strava GPS app:

Distance: 3.21 mi
Time Walking: 1:13:34
Total Elapsed Time: 1:46:24
Pace: 22:55/mi
Elevation: 40 ft

Discover more about my journeys through Bordeaux by following my Strava activity here.

Part 3 of 4: Sweat Check

I did not have any back sweat while walking around Bordeaux with my Osprey daypack. There was a cool breeze, and I could feel it on my back (thanks to the space the Cool-Dry Frame creates between my back and the backpack).

I did feel warm as the day went on. When I was in direct sunlight, I could feel the increase in temperature, and if I didn’t have the Cool-Dry Frame on my backpack, I definitely would have had back sweat, which would have likely raised my body temperature.

Here is a photo of my shirt after walking around the city.

Part 4 of 4: The Verdict

Overall, I was delighted with the performance of the Cool-Dry Frame. It’s great to walk through a European city with a backpack and not worry about sweating.

The frame felt comfortable on my back. I was especially comfortable when I could feel the cool breeze hit my back. I can feel the warm air from my back being pushed away.

You can see more pictures of the sweat checks by visiting my Vaucluse Gear Instagram account.

You can also watch videos on our YouTube channel.

The Cool-Dry Frame by Vaucluse Gear

It's your best way to stay cool and dry with a backpack.

This lightweight (only 6 ounces), soft, durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack and creates a natural airflow between you and the pack without using mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow to keep your back cool and dry.