Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast!

Also known as SLASR.

Join an experienced search and rescue volunteer and his friend as they discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

This week we welcome Brice Sokolowski from VaucluseGear.com to give us a sneak "peak" of a new piece of gear that allows hikers to experience hiking without the fear of sweat running down their backs from their backpacks. We will learn all about the Cool-Dry Backpack Frame.

About the Sounds like a Search and Rescue Podcast

The Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast - where we discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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About the hosts:

Mike is a Massachusetts resident who spends a lot of time in western Maine and the White Mountains. He has been hiking for the last nine years and is a huge hiking nerd. His interests include day hiking, weekend backpacking, and nerding out on gear. He is currently working on completing the New Hampshire 4000 footers (47/48), the 52 With a View (49/52) and the Terrifying 25 (22/25). When he is not talking about hiking, he makes spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, reads about old-school professional wrestling, researches true crime, or spends time in adult Disney Facebook groups.

Stomp currently lives within the WMNF. He is a dedicated SAR volunteer and self-proclaimed audiophile who dabbles in audio production, engineering and EDM DJ'ing. He is an avid hiker and a huge fan of crazy bushwacks to remote destinations and NH 500 Highest peaks. He works for Grafton County as a PT & LNA. Stomp met Mike during a Mount Washington Road Race a thousand years ago and clearly remains the most handsome host.


Backpack Airflow System - Cool-Dry Frame

The Cool-Dry Backpack Frame is a great way to add more airflow to your back. It’s flexible and very light (just six ounces). If you're looking for added comfort and less sweat while hiking, please check out the Cool-Dry Frame. We’ve designed this based on the feedback of customers and hikers just like you, and they're telling us what to do. The result is the additional support your back is looking for when hiking in either cold or hot weather.

Thank you so much.

See you on the trails.

You can read our 5-star customer reviews by clicking here, Yes, this product definitely does work.

The Cool-Dry Frame by Vaucluse

It's your best way to stay cool and dry with a backpack.

This lightweight (only 6 ounces), soft, durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack and creates a natural airflow between you and the pack without using mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow to keep your back cool and dry.

Sweat Check