Greetings, my fellow hiker! Today, I am going to be sharing with you an exciting hike in Sedona, Arizona, where you're going to get some spectacular views of the red rocks and – whether you are a beginner hiker or an experienced hiker – there's gonna be everything that you could possibly want in this hike up Mescal Mountain. 

I'm Brice, president of Vaucluse, where we love to sweat less and explore more. I'm going to walk you through a hike that I took around Mescal Mountain. There is an option I recommend trying that will give you a little bit of both worlds (extreme hiking and climbing) out here in Sedona. Also, if you're just looking for some great views to enjoy with friends and family, you're definitely going to get that, too! 

I will also be sharing with you some of our Vaucluse backpacking gear, including the Vaucluse Cool-Dry Backpack Frame, which can be really helpful in either cold or hot weather. If you're looking for more comfort from a backpack, you’ll want to stay tuned. 

So let's dive in…!

Hiking Review - Mescal Trail and Deadman's Trail - Sedona, AZ

Sedona is located in the Coconino Forest of northern Arizona, about an hour and 40 minutes from the city of Phoenix. It's one of the most diverse national forests in the country, with changing landscapes and activities around every corner. You can explore mountains, canyons, fish, and small lakes – there’s literally everything that you could possibly want to find or experience, because northern Arizona is very dry. It's not just desert. A lot of cool things are here to explore overall. 

I would rate this hike as easy. But the only reason I say that is because of the trails I took. There are options to go a little more extreme. So that is definitely an option if you're looking for a little more of a hiking challenge than what I'm showing you right now. 

What I did was a loop around Mescal Mountain, which is about 5000-ft. I started at the Mescal Trailhead and parking lot. It's a beautiful trailhead with great parking, plenty of spots. Usually, there are a lot of places in Sedona where it's tough to find parking, but here, you shouldn't have a problem. 

First, I hiked the Mescal Trail, which takes you to Mescal Mountain, and at a certain point, when I tried to climb up higher than the trail to get some views, it did become quite challenging. I'm sure there are other places where you could probably find a way higher than I did. Nonetheless, I recommend having some good shoes when you walk around Mescall Mountain. The trail splits into what could be called difficult and extreme. These terms are really only designated for bikers. Both trails are relatively easy for hikers. 

The second trail was Deadman's Pass Trail, and that takes you into a valley of different rock formations and, again, beautiful views. It's a straightforward, comfortable hike once you're past Mescal Mountain. 

I then took Long Canyon Trail, which leads you to Long Canyon Road, which eventually parallels the trail and then leads you back to the Mescal Trailhead. 

Conditions were mostly sunny, the temperature started around 38º F and then climbed to 53º F, so it was quite brisk in the beginning. But obviously once the sun  was out, you could warm up and the temperatures were ideal for a hike. 

As for hiking stats: Total distance hiked was 5.16 miles, elevation gain was 604-ft, including the climb that I attempted and the total time spent hiking was two hours and 35 minutes.


Backpack Airflow System - Sweat Less in Arizona Heat

I was using my Cool-Dry Backpack Frame, as you can see here. It’s a dual frame that allows airflow. 

There's an air gap right here, and it attaches to the backpack. Any backpack. It goes right underneath, like this. There are loops on the top, and the frame quickly straps into your backpack. There are some velcro strips, too, and the reason is that every backpack (and back) is different. So depending on your backpack, adjusting the fit using velcro is very helpful. That way, you can attach it however you want to your backpack. Overall the frame only weighs about six ounces. So it's very light (like packing two pairs of socks). The lightweight frame provides airflow on your back, so your core temperature stays cooler. 

So, when your core stays cooler, you drink a lot less. We've done tests. We've gotten feedback from people that you won't necessarily have to carry as much water. You won't have to carry another shirt because your back stays much cooler and drier. 

You'll be surprised how different your back feels when you wear my Cool-Dry Backpack Frame compared to when you don't and your back is completely soaked by your backpack. Or you could have had one of these. 

This backpack is an Air Escape by Osprey. See how it doesn't really do much because the air doesn't go anywhere? Hot air is supposed to leave, and it’s not. It doesn't really go anywhere on this backpack. But, when you have the Cool-Dry Frame attached, it maintains a separation between your back and the pack; by doing that, hot air goes up and out, and you're perfectly fine. So you're going to be cooler, more comfortable, and safer out there on the trails. 

With that said, thank you so much, and see you on the trails!

I've got plenty of reviews on our website from people saying, Yes, this product definitely does work.

Thank you so much, and see you on the trails.

  • Weather - Mostly Sunny and 38 F to 53 F. (Full overview)
  • Time on trail: 2h35
  • Distance hiked was 5.16 miles.
  • Elevation gain was 604 feet.

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