Brice here, from Vaucluse Gear. I’d like to share with you just how you can quickly install our Cool Dry Frame on this Gregory® backpack (

But you can pick any backpack and still quickly and easily install this Cool-Dry Backpack Frame, which is going to help air flow between your back and the pack. Obviously, you can see that there is already a frame on the backpack: There is already a curvature and… mesh. 

Our little friend mesh likes to soak up sweat more than anything. What this frame does is simply increase the gap between you and your backpack. That way, you can have more air going through because, honestly (at least for me), mesh doesn't do much. The curve doesn't do much either because it's just not big enough.

Breaking a Few "Rules" to Sweat Less

I understand the rule of backpacking has always been to keep the backpack as close to you as possible, to keep your center of gravity over your legs, which are doing all the work. This frame makes it as close as possible because it's pretty much two frames in one. So one frame is always snug on your back, and the other frame is snug on your backpack. 

Now… I'm doing this with a busted finger while making this video and (yikes!) having gravity test my own abilities to do everything at once! So if you want additional instructions and up-close videos on how this installs, I'm doing the best I can! 

My camera is in the shade because it is 99°F out here and was about to melt! I'm fine because I have my Cool Dry Frame. I just put it on, and now I have my backpack on and am just making sure it's adjusted. So I've got the Cool Dry Frame on, and I am good to go. I’ve got the straps in place, locked in; there you have it – just wear your backpack as you normally do.

Wearing Your Backpack Correctly and Increasing Back Airflow

With the Cool Dry, it’s literally a two-part frame. One side is completely snug against you, and the other side is completely snug to your backpack. You just make this as tight as possible, as tight as you want to make sure the backpack doesn't sag down (when we are backpacking, and we want some relief from the heat, we will loosen our backpack and drop it off our shoulders onto our hips, and loosen our backpacks to get a little relief. But you don't really need it here because I can feel the air through my backpack and across my back. 

Here’s my short DIY demonstration video of how the Vaucluse Gear Cool Dry Backpack Frame quickly attaches to the Gregory backpack, and you can pretty much attach it to any backpack that you want to in a short amount of time.

Okay… this video was not at all set up in advance, so if everything doesn’t go perfectly, that’s life. I’m being honest! You can see this go on my backpack, and here it is. I had to adjust my backpack, and now it's completely good. There’s a cool wind on my back even in 99°F heat. It will keep my – and your – body temperature nice and cool. 

So I hope to see you on the trails soon. Thanks!

I hope you found this helpful, and please, send me your questions! Follow Vaucluse Gear on Instagram, and YouTube, or visit, and I’ll see YOU on the trails soon.

The Cool-Dry Frame by Vaucluse Gear

It's your best way to stay cool and dry with a backpack.

This lightweight (only 6 ounces), soft, durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack and creates a natural airflow between you and the pack without using mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow to keep your back cool and dry.

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