Greetings, my fellow hiker. Today I'm sharing one of the most iconic views you can find in Sedona, Arizona, and it's really easy to get there.

I'm Brice, president of Vaucluse Gear, where we love to sweat less and explore more.

You will love this very simple hike right out in Sedona. If you have just a short amount of time in Sedona and want to get to the best of the best, you will enjoy this hike. Or, if you're staying around for a while, you will like it even more. Either way, you will not want to miss this hike because it's really easy to do (if you want, there are a few more “extreme” or difficult sections that you can also check out), but for the most part, anyone can hike this.

Let's dive in.

Hiking Review - Chicken Point - Sedona, AZ

Here we are in Coconino National Forest. I like to go out here because it's a spectacular place specifically to hike. We're in Sedona, about an hour and 40 minutes north of Phoenix, and the Coconino National Forest has a lot to offer. It's not just desert. There are some fantastic views, including the red rocks you’ll find on this hike.

I took four different trails: The Little Horse Trail, Broken Arrow Trail, High on the Hog Trail, and Chapel Trail. And we are walking specifically to Chicken Point, which is very iconic and draws a lot of interest. For instance, Pink Jeep Adventure Tours comes out here a lot. More than likely, you’ll see their jeeps, plus other people's jeeps or trucks (the area attracts four-wheel vehicles because it's one of the only places in Sedona to do some cool off-roading while also getting great views).

We're walking around the East Twin Buttes and hiking up Chicken Point. It's just spectacular. It's really easy to do.

Obviously, you need good shoes (always have good hiking shoes) and a lot of water. Don't underestimate Arizona, the heat will get you! No matter the season, summer or winter, autumn or spring, even when it’s darker and cooler out, you want water on you because even if it's 50 degrees, it's going to feel like it’s the 70’s or maybe even the 80’s, so you're always going to want a whole lot of water with you.

As for hiking stats: The hike was an easy three miles (3.34 total) in under two hours. The elevation gain was 358 feet. So as I mentioned, you can get great views easily.

  • Weather - Mostly Sunny and 38 F to 53 F. (Full overview)
  • Time on trail: 1h56
  • Distance hiked was 3.34 miles.
  • Elevation gain was 358 feet.

Strava Tracking: You can review the hike's stats on my Strava account by clicking here.

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Backpack Airflow System - Sweat Less in Arizona Heat

I brought my Cool-Dry Backpack Frame,which helped with airflow underneath my backpack and across my back. You can't see it on this backpack (because it's black), but it’s an accessory you can attach to any backpack. I've got a black frame right here, and you strap it over using the straps, just like this. That's going to provide additional airflow for your backpack.

If your backpack is sitting on your back or, even if you use a curved frame like this, what usually happens is, as the backpack conforms to your back, you don't have any space between your back and the backpack that will allow heat to dissipate and sweat to evaporate.

When that doesn't happen, your overall body temperature stays warmer. Your core temperature stays hotter. If you’re hiking in the cold, excess moisture brings the risk of hypothermia. Imagine you take your backpack off, or you stop to rest and, all of a sudden, your core temperature is much hotter than anticipated. Then your temperature drops dramatically and your body is like, ‘What the heck is going on here?’ And that's very risky in the summertime, too. Obviously if you have a high temperature, you're overheating, and you're going to drink more water, which might result in running out of water sooner.

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Thank you so much. See you on the trails.

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Backpacking Airflow System Sweat Hiking

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