Greetings, my fellow hiker! Today, I will share my hike to Cathedral Rock, a fantastic trail if you ever find yourself in northern Arizona.

Hi, I'm Brice Sokolowski, founder and CEO of Vaucluse Gear, a hiking company focused on sweating less and enjoying the outdoors more. We’ve come here to Arizona because in the summer, it gets up into the 90s F (70s in the morning) and can keep cranking up into the 100s.

So we took a nice little hike to Cathedral Rock that I will share with you. I think it's a spectacular hike if you're looking for great views, accessibility, and fun. The hike (in all) takes just about an hour. So it's short and delivers awesome views in very little time.

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But you will have to work to get there because it can get quite steep. Be ready sometimes to use both your hands and feet to climb up. So it probably takes about 30 or 40 minutes to get up and see those views, and then another 30 minutes to go back down.

You’re going to have to crawl up, and you're going to crawl back down at some point. It’s a short stretch, but you'll have to earn it along the way! With that said, once you get to the top, the trail to the left and right gives you some spectacular views of the city of Sedona. So you get that beautiful red rock valley on one side and, to the west, a much greener view.

Depending on which way you're looking, you see green, red, and then… There's Cathedral Rock. You have these two massive rocks right there, and you're in the middle, overwhelmed and amazed by these two massive rock walls that give off this beautiful red glow. So it’s a spectacular hike. We highly recommend it.

It was initially pretty warm during that hike, but then it was hot.

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How the Cool-Dry Frame Helps You Sweat Less with Any Backpack

We used our Vaucluse Gear Cool Dry Backpack Frame, which can attach to your backpack if you want to come here (or anywhere) and sweat a lot less.

The frame attaches to your backpack and provides additional airflow underneath your favorite backpack and over your back. A very comfortable and ingenious approach to sweating less. Check out the reviews we’ve received on our website,

That's where ingenuity comes into play. Because people thought, well, didn't know you could do that. But you can. I hope you enjoy this review of Cathedral Rock. See you on the trails!

I used my Talon 22Osprey®. Again, you can pick whatever backpack you want.

From the images below, you can see that my front was more soaked than my back! How does that happen when wearing a backpack?

So there's a huge difference in the Vaucluse Gear Cool Dry Backpack Frame. It really works from one hiker to another, so please check it out. I’ve got plenty of other hiking and sweat test videos, so follow Vaucluse Gear on Instagram and join us! We post hikes, we talk to you about how much we sweat and how hot our backs are! We also repost other hikers who have taken the Cool Dry Frame out. So there's plenty of content we're distributing to explain how this system works and how it can improve your hiking and outdoor experiences. Stay a little cooler, a little drier, out on the trail. 

I hope you found this helpful, and please, send me your questions! Follow Vaucluse Gear on Instagram, and YouTube, or visit, and I’ll see YOU on the trails soon.

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