Let me share with you today one of your best new defenses against sweating. A very simple way to sweat a lot less while traveling with a backpack.

Hi, I'm Brice, president of Vaucluse, where we like to sweat less (a lot less) and explore (especially travel) more.

If you're like me and have to keep moving, whether through airports or commuting to work, some days it’s easier to get from point A to point B with just a backpack. But if you need to be dressed professionally (you know, a nice shirt and all that), you don't want to sweat a lot. Because that sweat stain in the middle of your back will take a while to evaporate… So what's the point of dressing well while wearing a backpack only to spoil your clothing as it gets soaked with sweat stains?

Backpack Airflow System - Stay Dry When Traveling

Vaucluse has the Cool-Dry Backpack Frame. As you can see here, it’s a simple dual frame that provides separation between you and your backpack and weighs about six ounces. So you won't feel any additional weight besides what you already carry in your backpack.

Six ounces is a marginal addition to your overall backpack weight, plus it's a super comfortable, very relaxing, and flexible fit because the frame is made from thermoplastics (as are a lot of hiking and outdoor gear, because it can sustain the elements).

So how do you get the Cool-Dry Frame on this or any other backpack?

Here, I’ve got one installed already, and I'm going to show you: It’s very simple. Here’s the frame, and it has two loops. These two loops go around your two straps. You put it around and then take the loop (there's a male/female connector which you snap on both sides), then it's securely strapped to the backpack.


Backpack Airflow System - Better, Lighter, More Comfortable

As you can see, I have my E-Bag, and it's secure. This frame actually has two straps, so we updated the design. You don't really need two straps. This is a previous version that I use because who else will use it but me?!

There's Velcro provided if you want to make absolutely sure that the frame stays secure. As you can see, it does move with the backpack. The secret to not letting it move more is to wear your backpack correctly. People will let their backpacks sag when they're trying to get some type of relief on their back from the heat. Now with this frame, there is going to be separation. When you wear your backpack correctly, it doesn't move, and this Cool-Dry Frame doesn't move either.

So I’ve simply put this on, and you can see how my backpack has a strap right here (but you don't really need a strap on your backpack for this to work). And you can see a space between my backpack and my back. I’m going to be sharing more images and videos of me, actually walking through the airport and/or traveling. The whole time, I’m going to be wearing my E-Bag and wearing my Vaucluse Cool-Dry Frame.

So if you also want to sweat a whole lot less while traveling with a backpack, that's what this Cool-Dry Frame is designed to do. At a very light six ounces, it is so flexible and comfortable you don't even feel it. Until you discover how nice it is to be walking through an airport where there is air conditioning and feel that cool air across your back.

That’s how you sweat less when traveling. See you at the airport!

The Cool-Dry Frame is 2-times lighter than the VentaPak, which is made of our 'sweat-soaking friend' mesh.

The Cool-Dry Frame works more effectively than the 221B Tactical Mesh Spacer. You will see it doesn't really create a space between you and your backpack.

Better than Maxx-Dri Backpack Airflow Spacer
Lighter and Better than 221B Tactical

The Cool-Dry Frame by Vaucluse

It's your best way to stay cool and dry with a backpack.

This lightweight (only 6 ounces), soft, durable, and flexible frame attaches directly to your backpack and creates a natural airflow between you and the pack without using mesh or other material that soaks up sweat and retains heat. This design maximizes airflow to keep your back cool and dry.

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